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Our computer reading glasses are uniquely designed to tackle eye strain caused by prolonged digital screen time with the help of a non-glare anti-reflective coating layer in the lenses.

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Our Computer Reading Glasses

Computer reading glasses are specialized eyeglasses that go by many names including multifocal reading glasses, blue light computer glasses, workplace or occupational progressives, and computer readers. They all serve the same goal, which is to help you work on your computer with relative ease.

Computer reading glasses are designed to focus on 20-28 inches, which is where most desktop and laptop screens are placed. This puts them at an "intermediate-range," which is further away than reading your favorite book but closer focus than watching TV.

The upper portion of the lens allows for this intermediate-range viewing. Then, as you lower your eyes to the bottom portion of your glasses, they act like a regular pair of readers, making it easy to read cell phone screens and close-up small print like newspapers or books.

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Scratch Resistant and Optical Grade Lenses

Our computer lenses are optical grade, distortion-free, scratch-resistant, and offer a thin profile.

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When you buy computer readers from us, you will receive a free case and microfiber cleaning cloth to help keep your glasses in excellent condition. Keeping your eyewear protected is essential to getting the most use out of your new purchase.

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Are you looking for name-brand computer eyewear? is an authorized retailer of name brand designer frames. We carry brands such as Oakley, Coach, Prada, Persol, Ray-Ban, and more. With thousands of combinations, finding the perfect computer reader to match your personality is a breeze.