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Eyecatchers | Reading Glasses Necklace

8 products
8 products
One should never have to sacrifice style for convenience. With our Eyecatchers glasses necklace, both functionality and fashion are always an option. Unlike eyeglass chains found in drugstores, our Eyecatchers reading glasses necklace features a leather cord, which exudes style and sensibility. Minimalistic in design, the eyeglass holder necklace will coordinate with your entire wardrobe, making this piece your new signature accessory.

Incorporating an innovative magnetic clasp, the Eyecatchers glasses necklace is much easier to take on and off than traditional necklaces. A simple pewter ring adds contrast to any outfit. Whenever you are not wearing your reading glasses, simply slip one of the temples of the frames into the loop, and let them your frames rest safely against you. With this convenient eyeglass holder necklace, you won't have to worry about misplacing, scratching, or otherwise damaging your reading glasses ever again. Your readers will always be with you. Eyecatchers fit any glasses, so you may enjoy them with your sunglasses on the sunniest of days or your prescription glasses when you need to park your glasses.