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Jeepers Reading Glasses

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59 products

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Ultra-lightweight construction means you can comfortably wear your Jeepers reading glasses all day long. Choose from a variety of full frame and old fashioned half-frame designs for both men and women then customize with the vision features and magnification power you need to create the Jeepers reading glasses or reading sunglasses that work best for you.

Enjoy Vintage Reading Glasses

Designed with a youthful aesthetic, Jeepers reading glasses are smart, practical, and on-trend. Available in a wide array of colors, styles, and shapes, the retro reading glasses have something for every face shape and style. Whether you are deeply engrossed in a book or enjoying a newspaper at your favorite coffee shop, a pair of Jeepers reading glasses will simultaneously enhance your vision and complement your natural good looks. Using modern, durable materials, the brand updates popular styles into reading glass frames that are unique and distinctly Jeepers’.