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Men's Progressive Bifocal Reading Glasses

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296 products

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Our collection of men’s progressive reading glasses includes a variety of popular brands, designer names, colors, styles, and customization. The men’s progressive lens styles continue to increase in popularity and are considered to be the fastest-growing lenses being purchased to assist with presbyopia.

Explore and discover your perfect pair of men’s progressive reading glasses to improve your near vision and enhance your youthful appearance. We feature an extensive collection of progressive graduated reading glasses in popular and designer brands, colors, and styles to fit most discerning tastes.

How Do our Men’s Progressive Readers Work?

The upper portion of your lens is clear and uncorrected which is perfect for distance vision. As you lower your eyes, the magnification increases gradually (progressively,) allowing you to see better at different close-up distances. Unlike lined bifocal options, our progressive eyeglass lenses are more appealing to the eye (pun intended) because they do not have a line across the lens to distract you. Learn more about how progressive lenses work.

Men’s Progressive Reading Glasses for Style and Function

Take advantage of this state-of-the-art optical technology that provides you with style as well as functionality. Progressive reading glasses are ubiquitous but there are differences. Popular enhancements that really make a difference in how you see include blue light filtering, photochromic, and anti-reflective non-glare coatings. All enhancements are now available and ready to ship for all our men’s progressive reading glasses. Choose to make your every day, all day reading glasses more comfortable for every situation. Find out why progressive lenses for men are much better than multi-focus lenses.