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54 products

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From classic aviator reading sunglasses to sophisticated oval frames, our assortment of Randolph glasses is filled with timeless eyewear for every face shape and style preference. It is the high quality materials and performance that make these "Made in America" frames so outstanding.

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Manufacturing of Randolph Engineering Glasses

Randolph Engineering has been making eyewear for the US military, NASA, and air forces worldwide since 1972. Each pair is handcrafted in the USA to precise military standards. Randolph eyewear begins the production process with the very best materials, including stay-snug screws, unique metal alloys, and a proprietary solder flux that provides unparalleled joint strength. Their act of creation is something to behold. Fifty different craftsmen cut, mold, twist, tumble, and finish the frame over a five-week period; it’s a process that includes more than 200 individual steps.

Randolph Glasses: Hand-Crafted Quality

Because of Randolph’s commitment to its military-grade construction, attention to detail, and the highest quality materials, Randolph glasses will meet the demands of the job. A tough solder flux in the frames is layered with a corrosion-resistant coating to reduce wear and tear. Constructed with a unique threading and locking system, the stay-snug screws used in every pair of Randolph reading glasses will hold the frames together in the roughest of conditions.

At, we carry Randolph eyewear in a variety of lens options, including progressive no-line bifocal lenses, computer glasses, single vision lenses, and more. Customize your Randolph reading glasses with the magnification power you need and additional features like antireflective non-glare coatings and photochromic technology. You’ll quickly see that we’re doing our best to bring back that great American customer care that used to be standard operating procedure. Choose the style that looks best on you.