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Iconic for their retro eyewear collection, Shuron, based in Greenville, South Carolina, started making eyeglasses in the United States in 1865, that's more than 140 years. Do the math, that's when the flag only had 38 stars and before there was Coca-Cola. This all-American brand is available in reading glasses that are just as relevant and innovative for today's market as the original styles. Our assortment of Shuron glasses styles includes bold and durable plastic and metal frames that relate to their signature style while staying fashionable and modern in keeping with the current trends.

During the popularity of the Pince-Nez style glasses, some customers longed for styles that would better stay in place on the bridge of their noses. That's when an enterprising company came up with a design to alleviate the problem. Naturally they wanted the name to communicate the benefit, so they came up with "Sure-On," as in, "the glasses would stay Sure On your nose."

Shuron Glasses Today

Made in the USA, Shuron glasses pay close attention to performance. The reading lenses are prescription-quality, lightweight, and distortion-free, making them comfortable for all-day or occasional use. To exceed the highest of expectations, Shuron sunglasses can be customized with a polarized lens that includes non-glare backside coatings.

Shuron’s current look is more 50's / 60's retro, but they are still 100% made in America. In fact, Shuron has never stopped manufacturing these same frames since the 50's and 60's. And they pride themselves in maintaining the level of quality and craftsmanship that created their original success.

The Best of Shuron Glasses

Drawing on more than 100 years of design excellence, Shuron frames feature a retro-appeal that blends effortlessly with contemporary trends. It's so great to see that there are companies carrying on the tradition of quality American manufacturing with the finest materials and hand crafting them with the greatest of care and pride. And that makes us proud to be entrusted to deliver such products to you. Available in a variety of lens types with styles tailored for both men and women, Shuron makes it easy to find a pair of quality Made in the USA frames you can be proud to wear.