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Unapologetically cool, wayfarer reading glasses are authentic, genuine, and iconic. The design gained instant popularity, appearing in movies that have become classics, your favorite TV shows, and a favorite of musicians worldwide. Did you catch the Ray-Ban Wayfarer on Tom Cruise in “Risky Business” or Bob Dylan sporting his famous Ray-Ban Wayfarer’s?

Today, wayfarer frames are considered retro cool, and they will never go out of style.

Find the Right Wayfarer Reading Glasses for your Unique Style

Though the “wayfarer” name originated from Ray-Ban, the term broadly covers similar designs offered by other luxury brands. Through the years, brands have imitated the style, turning it into their own. Opt for sporty wayfarer reading glasses from Carrera, posh specs from Burberry, or nerdy chic styles from Circa Spectacles or Shuron.

Our collection of wayfarer reading glasses includes single vision lenses, progressive lenses, sunglasses, reading bifocals, and computer lenses. Customize with lens enhancements and your specific magnification power for your best possible vision. From reading glasses to sunglasses, wayfarers can make anyone look like a fashion icon.