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Paparazzi Reading Sunglasses

6 products
6 products
Paparazzi women’s frames help you look like a movie star ready for her blockbuster debut. Wide, deeply tinted lenses fit comfortably in oversized frames, protecting you from harmful UV rays (or the flashes of a dozen cameras). Your eyes stay safe, protected, and mysterious.

Oversized Women’s Sunglasses by Paparazzi

The frames feature bold, fashion-forward patterns in a variety of styles, meaning you can pick out the Paparazzi specs that make you look best in the limelight. For lenses, you can choose between standard or polarized sunglasses, and most frames come in both traditional bifocal, or no-line progressive options. These outdoor readers help you look great whenever you go out, whether it’s a night on the town, or a quiet afternoon outside.