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Bobbi Brown Reading Glasses

Bobbi Brown
6 products
6 products
Browse our selection of Bobbi Brown reading glasses to find a style that elevates your look and your lifestyle. Each pair of Bobbi Brown eyeglasses includes a signature case with the Bobbi Brown logo.

About Bobbi Brown Eyewear

As the founder of an internationally famous cosmetics company, Bobbi Brown has spent years studying how to enhance women’s beauty. She brings that same expertise to her line of eyewear, with a palette of Bobbi Brown reading glasses and Bobbi Brown sunglasses in shades and silhouettes designed to bring out the best in every face without overpowering a woman’s natural glow.

Bobbi Brown got her start as a makeup artist for such magazines as Glamour and Vogue. She launched her cosmetics business in 1991 with the intuition that by highlighting her inner beauty, every woman feels and looks like herself, but prettier and more confident. Just as a bit of makeup complements your face, a new pair of Bobbi Brown readers can give you a fresh, natural look.

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With quality lenses and fashionable frames, Bobbi Brown glasses is a flattering, functional accessory that you’ll wear and enjoy every day, for work and for play.