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As the world’s largest retailers of designer reading glasses, we’ve helped our customers find a pair that that lets them read, and look great while they do it. We built our knowledge center to provide answers to some of your commonly asked questions and to help you pick out your perfect pair of specs.

Icon Your Best Fit Made Easy

Your Best Fit – Made Easy

To simplify your search for the perfect fit, rather than rely solely on precise measurements, we like to refer to what we call the “Practical Fit.”

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Icon showing How Reading Glasses Work

How Reading Glasses Work

If you only need a little extra help while reading, this makes our specs an excellent alternative to custom lenses.

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Icon Eye Chart

Eye Chart

Download the Eye Chart PDF and print it out.

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eyeglasses icon

Flattering Glasses For Your Face Shape

We’ll go over the different options, from round lenses to angular frames, to help you pick out your next pair of readers.

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bifocal lens icon

Bifocal Reading Glasses: A Complete Guide

Bifocals offer the best of both worlds, giving you strength when you need it, but getting out of your way when you don’t.

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polarized lens icon

What Are Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses not only help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, but take that protection a step further by filtering out reflected light, virtually eliminating glare.

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Primer For First Timers

We’ll go over the basic medical conditions that our lenses can help compensate for, and point you in the right direction when you start looking for frames.

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Frame And Lens Care

We’ll cover how to clean your lenses without scratching them, or tips on how to keep your frames from bending.

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nose pad demonstration icon

Your Nose Pads: What You Need to Know

The nose pads on your glasses can make or break how comfortable the frames are since they support the weight of the lenses and balance them on the bridge of your nose.

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nose pad adjustments icon

Nose Pad Adjustments

Instructions for glasses positioned too high on bridge of nose & glasses positioned too low on bridge of nose.

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temple arm demonstration icon

Temple Arm Adjustments

How to adjust your temple/arm if temple/arm is adjusted too short or if glasses slip and temple is too long.

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progressive lens icon

How To Use Progressives: A Complete Guide To Progressive Lenses

Your New “No Line” Lenses, also known as Progressive Lenses, will provide clear, comfortable close up vision, without a line of sight.

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computer lens icon

How to Use Your New Computer Lenses

Computer Lenses make it easy for your eyes to move back and forth between near vision tasks like computer work and reading printed material.

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eyeglass frames icon

Reading Glasses That Complete Any Look

Our business professional style guide will help you find a pair of frames that are perfect for someone who wants to always put their best foot forward.

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